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Riders Camp Highlights: Green and White Day next

The annual “Green and White” game is Saturday at the Saskatoon Minor Football Field with gates opening at noon. The first pre-season game is Monday in Regina.
Next up is Green and White Day at Saskatoon Minor Football Field Saturday.

SASKATOON — Players looked rejuvenated running out to the field for practice, shortly after an audible was called by Head Coach Corey Mace to abbreviate today’s workout. 

The team went right into their stretch and warm-up and then met at centre field for a long meeting to set the tone for the practice.

Following the meeting the Green and White went right into special teams drills. 

After the special teams session, the offence and defence broke down into the respective groups to execute a walk-through. 

After a longer walk-through session, it was time for the offence and defence to compete against one another. The reps:

  • Trevor Harris hands off to Frankie Hickson on the first rep. 
  • The next play in the sequence has Harris hand the ball off again to Hickson with a bit of a roll out as well. 
  • Mason Fine comes in after the sequence and hands the ball off to C.J. Avery.
  • Shea Patterson in next and he also hands the ball off to Clint Ratkovich.
  • A second consecutive play hands the ball off to Ratkovich. 
  • Jack Coan in at quarterback and throws the first pass, complete to Mitchell Picton.
  • Next play is a hand off to Thomas Bertrand-Hudon.
  • Trevor Harris back in at quarterback and passes complete to Mitchell Picton. 
  • Harris then finds Samuel Emilus across the middle. 
  • Mason Fine then comes into the backfield. His pass is complete down the sidelines to Ajou Ajou. 
  • Next pass is to Clint Rakovich on a check down.
  • Jake Parker makes the next catch from Mason Fine over the middle. 
  • Jack Oan comes in. His first pass is complete to Dhel Duncan-Busby.
  • Shawn Bane Jr. hauls in the next pass from Coan.
  • Shea Patterson gets the next rep and he too completes a pass to Duncan-Busby.
  • Through a series of progressions Patterson finds Mitchell Picton breaking through the middle.
  • Antonio Pipken comes in and his first pass is to KeeDean Johnson.
  • Patterson is then complete to Dhonte Meyers. 

The whistle sounds following the pass completion and the team breaks into a special teams period.

After running a number of scenarios and offence vs. defence teams period:

  • Trevor Harris passes on first down Shawn Bane Junior.
  • Harris next pass is completed on a deep route to Mitchell Picton.
  • Next play is a hand-off from Harris to Frankie Hickson.
  • Harris’ pass is complete to Dehl Duncan-Busby on the near side. 
  • Shea Patterson comes in at quarterback next his first pass is completed to Ajou Ajou. 
  • The next pass is a swing to the flat complete to Frankie Hickson. 
  • Mason Fine in at quarterback and he hands the ballot Thomas Bertrand-Hudon. 
  • Fine then finds his target, Geronimo Allison, over the middle for a completion.
  • Antionio Pipkin then passes to the far side complete to Mitchell Picton.
  • The next play is a hand-off from Pipkin to Frankie Hickson. 
  • Jack Coan gets a chance to come in and throws complete to Hickson out of the backfield. 
  • Coan then throws a pass far-side complete to Dhonte Meyers.

Whistle sounds and the workout concludes. Next up is Green and White Day at Saskatoon Minor Football Field Saturday. 



After an overnight rain in Saskatoon, cloud started the day at Griffiths Stadium and continued throughout the workout. Winds were light coming out of the northeast and the temperature was a chilly 11 degrees.


Not on the field:

REC – Brayden Lenius

DB – Jaxon Ford

LB – Nick Wiebe


Break-out Play of the Day:

Diego Fagot continues to impress. The American linebacker is going to have an opportunity to make a statement through the preseason. The Navy grad shows discipline, structure and competes while on the field. 


The One to Watch:

Offensive Coordinator Marc Mueller is in his first season with his hometown team and his first as an offensive coordinator. He is installing his playbook and working hard with all facets of the offence.