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Estevan Comprehensive School salutes outstanding athletes

Awards were handed out for numerous sports during the evening.

ESTEVAN - The Estevan Comprehensive School saluted students who thrived in sports during the 2023-24 school year during the annual athletics awards night on June 5.

The school's senior, junior and freshman teams handed out  awards, saluting students for their achievements and commitment.

Special awards were presented for sportsmanship and to the top overall male and female athletes.

The list of award winners is as follows:

Senior Badminton:

Excellence: Dongjun Won

Commitment: Keira Zepeda

Success: Cammy Henry

Senior Girls' Basketball:

Excellence: Sadie Aspinall

Commitment: Megan Porter

Success: Presley Hollingshead

Senior Boys' Basketball:

Excellence: Koen Turner

Commitment: William Duncan

Success: Jayden Kuchinka


Excellence: Lindsay Mack

Commitment: Haley Bonokoski

Success: Abbi Duke

Cross Country:

Excellence: Kimi Zepeda

Commitment: Osama Kamel

Success: Dongjun Won


Excellence: Hayden Holmgren

Commitment: Jayren Schulz

Success: Preston McGuire


Excellence: Cruz Symons

Commitment: Boston Wilson

Success: Blake Andrist

Table Tennis:

Excellence: Andrew Min

Commitment: Osama Kamel

Success: Erica Gener

Track and Field:

Excellence: Kimi Zepeda

Commitment: Max Vicary

Success: Rachel Duncan

Senior Girls' Volleyball:

Excellence: Jenna Knibbs

Commitment: Amarra Pine

Success: Randi Milbrandt

Senior Boys' Volleyball:

Excellence: Koen Turner

Commitment: Jayden Kuchinka

Success: Andrew Min

Freshman and junior teams' athletic certificates

Junior Badminton:

Excellence: Aamna Salahuddin

Commitment: Kylan Locken

Success: Connor Mercer

Junior Girls' Basketball:

Excellence: Katie Sauder

Commitment: Jane Contillio

Success: Sydney Ross

Junior Boys' Basketball:

Excellence: Adeon Sullivan

Commitment: Deegan Ostendorf

Success: Cameron Milbrandt

Freshman Boys' Basketball

Excellence: Daniel Gervais

Commitment: Halen Lesy

Success: Aiden Culey

Junior Curling:

Excellence: Malina Stead

Commitment: Emma Marsch

Success: Turner Petterson

Junior Girls' Volleyball:

Excellence: Olivia Semenuik

Commitment: Elle Meyers

Success: Sadie Aspinall

Junior Boys' Volleyball:  

Excellence: Jayden Durr

Commitment: Chayse Zohner

Success: Sam Dzuba

Freshman Girls Volleyball:

Excellence: Arayana Pine

Commitment: Lachlan O’Handley

Success: Finley Proust

Special Athletic Awards:

Outstanding Female Sportsmanship Award: Keira Zepeda

Outstanding Male Sportsmanship Award: Andrew Min

Female Athlete of the Year: Randi Milbrandt             

Male Athlete of the Year: Jayden Kuchinka