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New season scores 25 years for Wilkie Soccer Club

New coaching staff and website continues evolution within the Wilkie Soccer Club.
Wilkie Soccer Club has been active for 25 years, with some new faces and changes to the roster.

WILKIE – The fields are alive with soccer action in Wilkie once again. To kick off the 25th season, organizer Ryan Kobelsky was happy to share some of the new changes to the Wilkie Soccer Club.

“We have an entirely new coaching group this year. They have been fantastic to work with so far,” he said.

In previous years, finding coaches was difficult but Kobelsky said volunteers sprung up to help with the U7, U11/13 and tots’ teams, while some high school students are helping with the U5 squad.

“To be a coach, all a person needs are a criminal record check and a willingness to go out and have fun with the kids,” he added.

With only four teams this year, registration numbers have seen a decline in Wilkie.

“In 2019, we had about 95 players. Since then, we have declined to about 50,” said Kobelsky.

Other changes for the soccer club also included a move. Normally held on Norman Carter Elementary School grounds, the club moved across the street to the McLurg High School grounds. This will allow repairs to the grass to be done at the elementary school.

The club also welcomed a website this year. This website is to be used as communication between teams but also serves the purpose for spectators to have knowledge of local games and practices. Anyone wanting to catch the next local game can go to